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Patient survey and results

Overview of Patient Survey in 2017 via – for full detail (including reception, nurse and doctor questions) including the GP Action Plan, to access this please click on the links below:

Patient Survey “Results”

Patient Survey “GP Action Plan”


Action plan from previous year

1.  Reduce DNAs at the practice which are constantly high, particularly with Nurse appointments despite using the SMS texting reminder system 24hrs in advance of the appointment.  Involve patients in suggestions to reduce to improve access to other patients.

2.  Try and improve communication with patients generally but particularly as high ethnic mix population

3.  Maintain the cleanliness of the practice by liaising with the Cleaning Contractor so that this does not become a problem again

We have a small online reference group who we recently canvassed about DNA’s and communication and the response were;

Patient Comments:

  • Patients forget which site the appointment was at and it did not state this in the text message.

Practice Action: We will check if there is an option with SMS texting system to state which site in the message – we did look at this originally and it did not appear to be available but practice will try and resolve.  The practice does appreciate that we are a 3 site practice where patients can be seen at any site and this may have an impact. The new online appointment booking system may improve this also.


  • Nursing Team members have changed over the last couple of years with leavers and new starters and patients are used to the original nursing team and this may have some impact on DNA for new nurses possibly.  Accept in time this should improve as patients get to know new nurses and vice versa.

Patient Action:  Will audit nurse DNAs to see % relating to the newer nurses.


  • Language barriers/understanding may have an impact if no family member speaks English.

Practice Comments:  All practice team have access to Leeds Language Line interpretation support via the telephone as needed.  Look at better education for new patients registering about the appointment system and letters/posters to be available in different languages to improve patient understanding and education..


In September 2014, there were 340 missed Doctor Appointments across all sites, and 126 missed Nurse Appointments  DNAs

( although this does include in the nurse figures patients who turn up too late for their appointment to be seen) these are booked appointments that the patient did not ring to cancel and did not turn up to.  These are wasted appointments that could be use by other patients that wish to access services at the practice.


Patient Group Meeting:

We will held our first Patient Participation Group Meeting on Monday 24th March at 12.00 noon. The aim of this group is to improve communication between staff and patients and reveiw survey results and involve patients in development of services.  This years survey results were discussed.

Question 1 Surgery:  88% of patients said the practice was now clean and tidy

Question 2 Clincal Care; 82% felt they were treated by clinical staff with dignity and respect, 72% felt the team communicated their message clearly and 82% said they were happy with the clinical care received

Question 3 Communication from Non Clinical Staff;  80% said the reception staff communicated their message claerly, 67% felt the staff dealt with then efficiently, 80% felt the staff were approachable and 66% said they were happy with the care received by the reception team

These results were discussed at the patient group meeting and generally it was felt there were no real concerns with the services and staff at the practice.  Communication was discussed and ways to get our messages across other than website, posters and a practice newsletter a few times a year was felt may be of use to highligh specific issues to raise awareness eg. DNAs, awareness of evening/morning appointments etc  It would need to be in different languages. This will be one of the practice actions to develop for this year working with the next group meeting.

The new online appointment system and the facility to cancel appointments that is available via the website was felt a useful addition and the cancel option may help reduce some DNAs.  The practice audits DNAs monthly and will feedback information at the next group meeting.

A issue was raised at Beeston Hill Site that due to the long corridor and lots of rooms it is not always easy for patients to find which room they are going to – Door number signs standing at 90 degress to the door at eye level would be useful for patients.  The practice will address this.

Date of next meeting will be in June and any new members are welcome to attend.

Our current reference group consists of 4 male, 6 female with a mix of white british, white irish and british/bangeldeshi mix.  the age range is 2 25-34yr olds, 3, 35-44 years, 3, 45-54 years, 1, 56-64 years and 2 65-74 years.  Some of our existing members have since left the pratice or do not respond.

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