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Parkside Surgery

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Crossland Surgery

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How to register

We have an open list and are able to register patients living in or moving into the practice area.

Our practice area is shown on the map below. If you are unsure if you live inside the practice area please click on the search icon in the top left and type in your postcode; it will then show you on the map if you are inside the area.

Map for practice area

If you wish to join the Practice you may do so by:

The usual registration process asks you to bring photographic ID e.g. (passport, driving license), your present and previous address, details of your previous GP (name and address) and your NHS number if known.  You will also be asked to provide some proof that you live within the practice boundary.  This could be a household bill, bank statement, residence permit or official insurance documents. If you are unable to bring any of these details/documents please contact the surgery to make alternative arrangements.

If you have not previously registered in the United Kingdom, please bring your passport and details showing when you entered the country as well as something to confirm you are living with the practice boundary (as above).

For Asylum Seekers please bring your ARC card and any associated documentation.

Please bring your documentation to reception and complete a registration form available at the Surgery when registering.

It is recommended that all new patients on regular medication or over the age of 40 years of age have a health check by our Health Care Assistant.

As a surgery we alternate registrations with City View Medical Practice, with whom we share a building. We register patients during the months of February, April, June, August, October and December, unless a patient has a strong preference to be registered with our surgery.