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Antenatal Clinic

If you are pregnant please book your first appointment with our midwife, which would normally before 10 weeks after conceiving.  Thereafter you will be advised whether to make subsequent appointments with the midwife who runs clinics on Wednesdays (Parkside) and Thursdays (Beeston Hill).

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Asthma Checks and Spirometry

These are carried out by the practice nurses who hold the Diploma in Asthma Care. If you have asthma or other breathing difficulties, such as COPD (chronic bronchitis or emphysema) the practice nurse(s) will be able to arrange lung assessment tests for you, and give you advice about your medication and inhalers.

When booking you appointment, please let the reception staff know that you are booking for an asthma check / COPD review or spirometry so that they can arrange the correct length of appointment.

If you are on medication or using inhalers for asthma or bronchitis you should attend for regular check ups and the doctor or the nurse will advise you when to book your next appointment.

Click below for more information on asthma and asthma care.

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Click below for information and advice on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

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Baby Clinic & Child Health

The baby clinics are held on Monday afternoon at Crossland Surgery between 2.00pm -3.00pm and on Thursday afternoon at Parkside Surgery between 1.30-3.30pm. For each clinic a Doctor and practice nurse are available.  The clinic is for well children only, under the age of five.  If your child is ill please do not bring them to this clinic.  The GP will do the baby examination check and the nurse will give the required immunisations. You need to book an appointment for the immunisations and it is important that you keep up to date with your babies vaccinations to ensure your child is protected from a range for childhood illnesses.

Health Visitors also hold well Child Clinics across Leeds and these are held at Beeston Hill Health Centre on Tuesdays afternoons and at Parkside Surgery on Wednesday afternoons. Contact your Health Visitor on 0113 2952824 to find out the times of these clinics.:

Click below for more information about childhood vaccinations:

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Blood Pressure Checks

These are carried out by the practice nurse or healthcare assistant.

If you are taking medication for high blood pressure you should attend for regular review and you will be advised when to book your next appointment by the doctor or nurse.

Click below for more information on high blood pressure:

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Diabetes Clinic

For patients with diabetes it is important that you have annual checks to assess you health and medication. These are nurse led clinics with GP support.

If you have diabetes and are not under the care of a hospital diabetic clinic, you will be invited to our diabetic clinic for review, usually once per year.  You will have a simple blood test and urine check at your annual review.

Click below for more information on diabetes and diabetic care:

Diabetes Organisation
Net Doctor

Holiday Immunisation

If you are travelling abroad please allow sufficient time (about 8-12 weeks) before your holiday to complete your immunisations. Please advise reception when booking your appointment your holiday destination and date of travel so that the Nurse is aware and can look up the relevant travel advice for you. Immunisations needed will vary depending on the country you are visiting and any vaccines you have had before.

Travel Vaccines are a Non-NHS Service and there will be a £10 fee per course of travel vaccinations.  Malaria tablets need a private prescription and you will have to pay the cost of the drug to the Pharmacy.

Click below for more travel advice.

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No butts – give it up!

Giving up smoking at any age can be beneficial. Stopping smoking increases your life expectancy and provides you with an improved quality of life and healthier lifestyle.
Many people try to give up smoking on their own but with the right kind of help and support you can double your chances of quitting successfully.

If you are a smoker and would like to give up, the practice nurse can offer you advice and support and arrange for you to obtain prescriptions for nicotine replacement therapy if appropriate. Please book an appointment.

Group stop smoking sessions are available at LESS (Leeds Smoking Services) who can be contacted by ringing  0800 169 4219. 

Stop smoking cessation clinics are available in the local area.

Click below for information and advice about giving up smoking:

ASH Organisation
Give up Smoking

Minor Surgery

A minor surgery clinic is available at the practice with the doctor and we operate a waiting list system. You need to have seen the GP first to be referred to minor surgery.

Well-Person and Family Planning

Both the practice nurse, who holds the Family Planning Certificate,  and the doctors are able to give you Family Planning advice.

Women aged 25-49 years are recommended to have regular cervical smears at three-yearly intervals and women aged 50-64 years are recommended to have cervical smears at five-yearly intervals. Invitations for cervical smears, reminders (if your smear is overdue) and smear test results are sent to you by NHS Leeds Cervical Screening Department. Please book an appointment with the practice nurse for your smear if it is overdue.

A smear test is best done in the middle of your menstrual cycle (between periods), so you need to book your appointment accordingly. You are advised to only have a shower or light wash on the day of your appointment.

If you are on the contraceptive pill or hormone replacement therapy you should attend for regular review and will be advised when to book your next appointment by the doctor or nurse.

When making an appointment please advise reception what it is for so that the appropriate length appointment time can be allocated for you.

Counselling Service

A counselling service is available and includes counselling for bereavement, stress and a wide variety of personal problems. To access this service you will need to be referred by a doctor.

If you feel that you would benefit from counselling, please speak to your doctor who will discuss the options available to you and make an appropriate referral.

Counselling can be helpful in managing a number of health problems and life events and your doctor may suggest counselling to you as a treatment option.

If you are referred to a counsellor please leave clear instructions as to how and where they may contact you; whether by phone, mobile phone or answer phone.

Flu Vaccination

If you are over the age of 65 years or have diabetes, heart, liver or lung disease, have had a stroke or are pregnant then we recommend that you have a flu vaccination each year.

If you are under 65 years and do not have a chronic health condition, you may still have a flu jab, but you may need to request a prescription for the vaccination, collect your jab from the pharmacy and bring it with you when you come to the clinic.  Please ask at the surgery for more information regarding your eligibility.

We run special flu clinics and we suggest that you contact us towards the end of September to find out when to attend. As you can imagine, we have a lot of patients to vaccinate against flu.

Please be patient with us and flexible about when you can come. Most of our flu clinics will be bookable sessions, but we will make separate arrangements for children and have some “workers’ clinics” early in the morning / later in the evening.

Patients who are housebound may receive their vaccination at home, from the practice or district nurse. Please contact reception to arrange this.

Asthma Annual Review Questionnaire

If you suffer from Asthma please complete this questionnaire once a year.

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